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The First Choice Plumber in Oxted | MSR Heating & Plumbing Ltd

We’re under no illusions: we’re not the only plumber covering the Oxted area; plumbing is a competitive industry and companies need to keep on their toes to remain at the top of their game. And that’s exactly what we do at MSR Heating & Plumbing Ltd, when providing boiler repairs, boiler servicing and other central heating services to clients in the area.

So on this page, we’ve looked demonstrate how we’ve cemented our reputation and why clients choose over the competition. More interested in booking in a visit from an MSR plumber? Whether you’re in Oxted or a surrounding area, call us on 01883 715 665 or 07766 718 642!

5 Reasons to Choose Us Over Competing Plumbers in Oxted

1. Our Experience – Having served the Oxted area for well over 10 years now, we’ve seen many new plumbers come and go. We’ve stayed a constant, however. We attribute this resilience to our depth of experience in all aspects of plumbing; clients choosing us for boiler repairs, boiler servicing and other central heating services get a fantastic standard of workmanship, and that’s why they’re so keen to recommend us to friends and family.

2. Our Approach – Unlike many plumbers, we’re all about quality and fairness. This means that whatever sort of plumbing job we’re taking on in the Oxted area, we’ll be 100% transparent, explaining to you exactly what’s happened, how we plan to address it, and then honestly answering any questions you might have.

3. Our Versatility – It’s nice to have one number on hand that you can rely on, whatever the project or problem; MSR Heating & Plumbing Ltd is that number! Whereas some plumbing companies active in and around Oxted take on solely small residential jobs, while others are exclusively available for larger commercial undertakings, we toe the line by being big enough to cope and small enough to care. We’ll take on jobs of all shapes and sizes, from central heating services for large companies, to boiler repairs or boiler servicing for an individual Oxted resident.

4. Our Associations – A common strategy employed by disreputable plumbers is to use low quality parts or infrastructure when providing central heating services, including boiler repairs and boiler servicing; it’s a cynical attempt to cut costs and improve margins, that often doesn’t mean any corresponding savings for clients (and even if it does, it’s often a false economy). But our plumbers work with high quality parts and manufacturers such as Veissman, synonymous for high-quality German engineering and the manufacturer of some of the best, most reliable boilers on the market; we’re immensely proud of this association.

5. Our Availability – We are a genuine 24/7 emergency plumber, meaning we can deliver boiler repairs and other essential central heating services as and when you require them. Being based in Oxted, we can be on your doorstep in record time. Boiler issues won’t wait for normal working hours, so why should we? Knowing you have 365 day a year, 24/7 coverage should give you peace of mind!

What are you waiting for? If you need a reputable plumber in the Oxted area, call MSR Heating & Plumbing. We specialise in boiler repairs and boiler servicing, as well as installation.